Our Team

Precious Cargo’s team consists of caring and empathetic, helping professionals who are educated and well trained in the delivery of our services. Our Family Support Workers,

  • Are a part of a broad, collaborative team of helping professionals whose aim is to ensure the protection, safety and well-being of children and youth.
  • Build a network of community resources for all participants by forming trusting and meaningful relationships with all participants.
  • Help children, youth and family’s problem solve and find alternative solutions for their identified needs.
  • Empower, enrich and create community networks where all children and families thrive.

Our Family Support Workers have educational backgrounds in fields such as Social Work, Psychology, Teaching, Nursing, Child and Youth Care and have a number of years’ experience working with children and families. Ongoing professional development, including internal and external training, ensures our staff are using best practices and evidence-based practices in the delivery of our services.

Our team takes a helpful, non-biased and objective approach and are knowledgeable in community resources that enhance children and youth’s social and emotional development. We can help provide resources and information on how to build loving, safe and stress-free environments for all.