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Supporting Children, Youth and Families on the Road to Success!

Since 2012, Precious Cargo Community Support Services (“Precious Cargo”) has offered integrated, comprehensive services designed to help children and families maintain positive and nurturing relationships, while promoting safety and inclusion of Alberta’s most vulnerable. Together we help empower, enrich and create communities where all children, youth and families thrive.

Our Mission

Precious Cargo Community Support Services aims to strengthen child-parent relationships and enhance parenting skills by providing the tools necessary to achieve optimal care for children.

We focus on individual's inner strengths, help nurture a positive self-esteem, build self-confidence and work on building the strongest foundation which guides our clients in recognizing and valuing their own self-worth.     

Core Principles

  • Respect for Diversity. Precious Cargo recognizes, values and respects diverse cultures, religious beliefs, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, roles and relationships within family systems. We believe interventions should empower and support individuals and families based on their unique needs. 
  • Professionalism and Integrity. Precious Cargo delivers exceptional services using trauma-informed system of care. Core to this principle is the implementation of individualized service plans which are grounded in evidence based practices, responsive and meaningful to children and families we serve. Our team of helping professionals uphold ethical standards of practice with the utmost honesty, integrity and care. 
  • Dignity and Respect. Precious Cargo uses a family centered approach, recognizing all participant's contributions matter. We operate within a team environment ensuring everyone feels equally valued, respected and heard. Paramount to effective service delivery is recognizing individuals strengths and continually promoting healthy, nurturing relationships between children, their family members and with their community.    
  • Delivery of Quality Services. Precious Cargo takes informed action and is a strong advocate for the children and youth we serve! We deliver comprehensive services, meeting the unique needs of our clients and achieve optimal outcomes for our valued stakeholders and community partners.       

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step