Child/Family Access Services                  

We provide supportive and meaningful child and family access services while placing a strong emphasis on providing positive emotional support and advocating for the right’s and responsibilities of our clients. We want to ensure all our clients have the necessary access, ability and stress free environment to attend parent- child visitations, medical or therapeutic appointments, cultural ceremonies, school or educational training's

Supervised Access (Mandatory Report Writing)

We provide safe and comfortable supervision access between parents, extended family and siblings either within the community or at an approved residence. We are committed to providing services delivered in a neutral, unbiased and stress free environment. Precious Cargo promotes healthy child development and positive interactions between family members while providing the strongest sense of emotional support and encouragement possible.


Supervised Access Referrals 

Clients can be self-referred. Referrals are also accepted from the courts, lawyers, mediators, mental health professionals, and/ or third party agencies. 

Supervised Access with Parent Coaching (Mandatory Report Writing)

Our parent coaches are trained and educated in providing non-intrusive family and parenting support in a supervised setting while giving parents the opportunity to gain more practical parenting skills and abilities to help maintain a safe and stress-free environment for their children. We help educate and support parents in relationship building, self-esteem and positive coping strategies when life’s stresses become overwhelming or when children’s behaviors become overly challenging. We connect clients to community resources, educational training, respite providers, community events and provide referrals.

Parent Coaching Referrals

Accepted from the courts, mental health professionals, third party agencies and/or can be self-referred. (Clients requiring additional parenting supports please review In-Home Support to help meet individualized needs)  

Child, Youth and Family In-Home Support Services 

We are passionate and dedicated about our delivery of service and are committed to providing our clients with one of the most meaningful community support services which focuses on enhancing relationships between children and their caregivers. Our service providers work towards helping clients overcome emotional, behavioural, social and/or financial difficulties; strengthen relationships, connect to community resources and/or culturally appropriate programs that will enhance their well-being and encourage involvement in their own healing of emotions, mind, body, and spirit.

                                                    Building healthy self-esteem, self confidence
                                                    Strengthen parent-child relationships
                                                    Develop positive parenting skills
                                                    Tools to promote healthy child development 
                                                    Address individual/ family basic needs
                                                    Connect clients to Elders 
                                                    Resources, and/ or cultural referrals. 
                                                    Mediation services                         

                                                                  Scheduling Services

All Precious Cargo’s services are pre-arranged and/or mediated between all parties involved. Precious Cargo reserves the right to determine provision of service including but not limited to dates and times of access visits/ transportation services and/or in-home support services. All services are determined by the availability of staff. All referrals are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If dates and times are not available clients will be placed on a waiting list.

                                                                            Fees For Service

Precious Cargo’s user fees are usually shared between parties unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties or stated in a court order; referrals made by third party agencies are subcontracted. Payments can be made by cheque, money order or Visa or Mastercard.


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